Bed buying guide


Many people have anxiety issues when shopping for mattresses and more so then other household products. This is totally understandable as the consequences of buying an unsuitable mattress or bed can give you sleep problems and back or limb problems – remember you’ll be intending on sleeping in this bed for many years to come. The other reason why some people can feel anxiety is because we aren’t overly used to mattress or bed shopping – it comes around every decade or so. Finally people can feel anxiety because they are overwhelmed with choice, there’s so much choice and so much information out there – how you decide what is best for you?


I think you will find that there are 3 principles that you can agree to shop by. 1. Ensure you purchase a supportive and comfortable mattress which provides your back good support. 2. Buy the largest size mattress possible that is in your budget! Space permitting, people rarely regret buying a big bed – but often can regret going for a smaller size. 3. Ensure you know how firm you want your bed.


When you are in the research stage for buying a new bed you need to ask yourself a few questions to help your search. Then once you’ve done all the research you can focus your search and find the most optimal bed for you.


Next follow these steps when shopping


Step 1


When your shopping, you should ask yourself the following questions as with the answers you’ll be more informed and be able to choose a suitable bed:


1.What is the optimum size of mattress that you are looking for? As mentioned above, the bigger the bed, the better. 2. What is your budget? 3. What is your preferred comfort level – a lot of manufacturers have a range on scales to choose from, ranging from soft to hard 4. How tall are you and your partner? 5. How much do you weigh? 6. Do you often suffer from allergies. 7. Do you prefer to sleep in hot or cold conditions? 8. How do you feel about your mattress using non organic material? 9. Do you have any back or other bodily part problems?10. Are you a restless sleeper? 11. Do you foresee any changes in your life within the next 5 years or so that could impact your comfort requirements or bedding needs?


There’s some other questions that you should also consider which are specific to the way you sleep. What type of mattress are you currently sleeping on? How comfortable is it and is the mattress supportive and sturdy? Do you suffer from aches or pains when sleeping on the mattress? Is your current bed or mattress choice overly noisy?


Step 2


Do your research. Search engines are a good place to start and most people prefer Google. Be prepared to be overwhelmed – there is an absolute huge selection out there and one can easily become frustrated.


Note there are a few types of mattresses that are widely available throughout the world. The most basic styles of mattress are those featuring metal coils/springs. These type of mattresses are getting less and less popular, however one good thing remains about these mattresses and that is thelr price. Mattresses also come in latex these days and the range of quality can differ. Note there is also natural and synthetic latex, so if you feel like you could benefit from a latex mattress but are pro-organic then you can still purchase such a mattress. Then there is memory foam mattresses, which as the name suggests conform to your shape when you sleep – the material of which was developed by NASA when they were trying to design something which would bring extra safety to aircrafts.


Now you know the different styles of mattresses, it’s time to look into what style is best for you inside your budget and suits you. One tip when shopping, is to not forget about bed bases as well as mattresses, some sellers won’t be overly clear when pitching their mattresses, you may think you are getting both the base and mattress but you aren’t.


Step 3


Mattress testing of 2 or more mattresses


Testing of mattresses is quite an important part of the process. Remember when mattress shopping you should have put aside quite a bit of time from your busy diary.


If you sleep with a partner then make sure you take them with you. Ladies we know that taking the husband along with you can sometimes be quite a chore in itself, but if he sleeps on the mattress then he is a key person in the purchasing decision. Once you are in a bedding or furniture store allow yourself plenty of time to walk around and test out a few and take in all the features and identify the mattresses which are best for you. One thing to bear in mind, is to give yourself ample amount of time to test each mattress. One thing that a lot of people tend to do is lie or rest on the mattress for a matter of seconds before deciding whether it is suitable. We would recommend that you take a couple of minutes or so before deciding what’s suitable.


Step 4


Choosing your mattress.


When you have chosen an optimal mattress for you, don’t be afraid or feel obliged to buy a mattress of bed there and then. If you have identified the type of mattress/bed for you with the material you want and the firmness factor, why not then consider other mattresses that have exactly the same attributes? Remember mattress/bed purchasing decisions only come round every decade or so – therefore it makes sense that you are 100% confident of making the right choice and don’t feel pressured into the sale.


Happy shopping!!